Lost Gems: Vroom – …Throws Like a Girl

There are some albums you can keep going back to, and for me one of those is Vroom‘s …Throws Like a Girl. Released in 1999, the album belongs in the canon of top power-pop/pop-punk/emo whatever albums released.

Favorable comparisons to early Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring or Saves the Day could be made, but this now-defunct Lynchburg, VA band truly stood on their own due to their excellent songwriting. From the brutally self-examination and honesty of “Right About Me” to the romantic escapism of “Ella” to the cathartic “I Can’t Stand Another Minute Here”, the album is filled with songs that hit me hard in college, and haven’t lost any meaning since those long-ago days. There’s a rawness and urgency in the vocals that grounds the song, making them feel like they could come from anyone’s voice.

The group also stood out by being able to take humorous concepts and turn them into songs that still rang with truthful emotions, like the regret in “Peter Vest (I Stole Your N64)”. And ending proto-ballad “Dumb Like That” is as relatable a song about the uncertainty of feelings as could be written.

It’s a shame the album never found mainstream traction, as it could easily have read the wave that brought JEW, Good Charlotte and similar groups onto the radio. It will have to remain one of those musical achievements people discover for themselves, and I hope this post gets a few more people to give it a chance. Or even better, convinces the group to reform and play a show in Los Angeles.


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