Check This: Mo Kenney – Unglued

Artist: Mo Kenney

Song: Unglued

Genre: Rock, Indie, Singer-Songwriter

Nova Scotia’s best chance of getting put on the musical map lies with upcoming indie rocker Mo Kenney. Playing guitar since she was 11, Kenney channels her various influences (Led Zeppelin, Elliott Smith, the films of Wes Anderson), into her melodic songwriting, and it has won her acclaim throughout Canada.

Her newest album The Details, released earlier this year, is a great example of how her progressing skills, especially on the album highlight “Unglued”. A dreamy, guitar-driven single that recalls the best of Best Coast, the song sounds ready for sunny beaches, but is lyrically disarming. Kenney sings about fears of abandonment (“Everybody said that you’d leave me for dead”) and losing her mind (“I may be coming unglued”), in deadpan vocals that hide the anxiety buried in the song.

It’s a sing-along for folks on the verge of a mental breakdown, or anyone who gets hooked by very catchy harmonies. Here’s hoping U.S. alt rock stations can discover Kenney soon and start spreading her over the airwaves.

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