Throwback Thursday: Alanis Morissette – Head Over Feet

As alternative radio is finally getting some female voices back in rotation (Bishop Briggs, Banks, Alice Merton), it felt like a good time to revisit one of the queens of the format, Ms. Alanis Morissette. Alanis is still in the game, just recently performing a new song at the Chester Bennington tribute concert at the Hollywood Bowl, but it has been a while since she was getting regular radio airplay.

Growing up, I couldn’t turn on KROQ or Star 98.7 without hearing “Head Over Feet”. Being an immature music listener at the time, I felt it wasn’t cool to admit to liking songs by female artists, so I had to keep my enjoyment of this catchy classic a secret, along with all of the other crunchy pop songs Morissette had permeating the radio at the time (“You Oughta Know”, “You Learn”, “Ironic”). “Head Over Feet”‘s sincere romantic lyrics really can’t be beat, and there’s a refreshing harmonica breakdown on the bridge, which you won’t find much of on alternative radio these days.

Go and enjoy yourself some Jagger Little Pills today, and when Alanis does finally release a new album, be sure to give her a warm welcome back.

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