Check This: Beatenberg – Beauty Like a Tightened Bow

Artist: Beatenberg

Song: Beauty Like a Tightened Bow

Genre: Afropop

Filling the gap between Paul Simon (during his Graceland period) and Vampire Weekend, South Africa’s Beatenberg create radiant tunes that flow along with ebullient melodies. The three-piece group are all classically trained, but chose to apply their musical skills towards pop music and found success in their homeland doing so.

One of the singles from their excellent album Ithaca (2014), “Beauty Like a Tightened Bow” is a great calling card for the band’s sound. Electrified acoustic guitars produce a rhythmic groove while singer Matthew Field woos a lover with poetic literate snapshots. A delicate marching drum carries the song to a joyous conclusion.

I highly recommend listening to the entire album if you enjoy the single. Here’s hoping that when the group releases their next album, they make their way to the States for a tour.

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