Check This: Avalon Emerson – One More Fluorescent Rush

Artist: Avalon Emerson

Song: One More Fluorescent Rush

Album: Whities 013

Genre: Dance/Electronica

Coachella Day: Friday

As part of our continuing look at some of the many acts playing Coachella this year, I am doing my first check in on the dance/electronica side of the fest with American-born, German-based artist Avalon Emerson. As the Indio festival has moved further away from its rock roots and become primarily a pop and dance festival, I’m forcing myself to expand beyond my normal musical tastes to appreciate, and hopefully enjoy, the sounds that are drawing a huge portion of the crowds.

On her track “One More Fluorescent Rush”, Avalon creates a meditative soundscape that bubbles with an underlying intensity. One could see it being used to soundtrack the the build up to a set-piece in an 80’s action movie. But as the song continue, it morphs into a more serene melody, twinkling away the tension to bring about a more relaxed state in the listener. It’s a great sample of music that can take you on a journey without words.

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