Throwback Thursday: The Cranberries – Dreams

While I can not claim to be a long-time fan, there is no question that the music of The Cranberries, and late singer Dolores O’Riordan, has been ever-present since my childhood. At the age when The Cranberries music was most popular, I was too young and immature to feel comfortable admitting enjoying their music, as anything sung by a female singer when you’re a young boy sounds like “girls’ music”.

But darn it if I wasn’t lying to myself and the world, as “Dreams” sounded like one of the prettiest songs I had ever heard. I remember it soundtracking the TV trailer for The Babysitters Club movie, and found myself only interested in the trailer because of that song’s reflection on life changing, which struck the right chord to my youthful ears.

As a much older person now, “Dreams” still sounds just as pretty and just as meaningful as it did then. A credit to O’Riordan and her bandmates for their songwriting depth and talent.

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