Banger of the Week: Parkway Drive- Deliver Me (2010)

Inspired by Bo’s X Japan post it’s time to launch a weekly feature.  Metal and hardcore feed the beast inside some of us.  They fuel workouts, homework sessions, long drives, or attempts to annoy our friends.  So, weekly, you’ll be fed a banger from today or yesteryear.  There is no requirement of newness or current relevance.  The only requirement is blowing your sonic socks off.

Launching the new feature is a tune discovered last year while listening to a metal/hardcore mix on Spotify.  Back in 2010, Parkway Drive, an Australian hardcore band came out with the album Deep Blue and the song Deliver Me.  This song takes its time walking you through some beautiful hardcore tropes from speed metal, to quiet guitar plucking, and finishing with a climax of head banging thuds.

It goes best with a set or two of bench press or a hill run.

With 10 years of music and several chart toppers in Australia the band is worth exploring.  Their most diverse and first critically successful record (for which they received Australian Independent Record award for ‘Best Independent Hard Rock or Punk Album’) is Deep Blue.  Since that, the release of Atlas (2012) and Ire (2015) have also enjoyed success.

Your welcome.

Special bonus: the guitarist with a broken foot wheeling around the stage in his chair.

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