Check This: Nathan Gray – As the Waves Crash Down

In a genre not credited for having some very powerful vocalists, the punk and emo scene has given us a few ones worthy of taking note of. Nathan Gray, of the excellent but now-defunct group BoySetsFire, always had, in my opinion, one of the best voices in punk rock (up there with Bad Religion‘s Greg Graffin).

Since BSF dissolved, Gray has gone the route of many other punk frontmen and recorded a solo album, Feral Hymns, which moves away from the harder punk rock/screamo sounds of his earlier days and incorporates acoustic guitars and orchestral arrangements that puts the focus more squarely on his songwriting and singing. The results are a collection of songs that are introspective and topical, yet simple enough to easily play around a campfire.

Single “As the Waves Crash Down” is an empowering call to arms, and was released with an inspiring video to accompany it.

The album is available for purchase here

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