Come-Back Alert: The Vaccines – I Can’t Quit

When The Vaccines released their first album, What Did You Expect from The Vaccines, in 2011, they were the most promising new British rock act since the Arctic Monkeys, with a deafening buzz that was heard across the sea here in the U.S.. And that album delivered on its promise of noisy guitars and indelible hooks that made it a pleasure to boast listening to before the band would inevitably become huge.

Yet like so many other buzz bands, US radio didn’t really give them a chance, and with each following album, they received less and less hype and promotion. And honestly, I listened to their following albums and they just weren’t as good.

Cut to January 2018, and the release of The Vaccines latest single, “I Can’t Quit”. On first listen, I can tell it’s a good song. On continued listens, I will say it’s a very very good song. These guys are back, and with a song that is true, raucous guitar pop. It’s a track made for crowd sing-alongs, and if U.S. radio were to give it a chance it definitely has hit-potential. Even the Top 40 crowd could get behind a song like this.

Don’t take my word for it – listen below:

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