Banger of the Week: Our Last Night- Elephants

It’s decidedly prettier than the gritty pedigree this feature has bred to date.  It’s a shiny piece of Emo-core that smacks of Ohio is for Lovers.  It’s got this brutal clean riff that’s too simple and these lyrics about destroying the world, and existing in hell, and hopelessness and none of it really does too much for the spirit.  It just chugs away and by the end you think, hmm, that was good.

Then you listen to it again, feel the adrenaline and add it to your mix.  Nine months later, you Google them. 
So, Wikipedia calls them Post-hardcore and names metal-core as an influence.  Started in 2004, “Elephants” came out in 2010 along with the album We Will All Evolve. 

God, that’s boring.  
This song has little redeeming value beyond being a guilty pleasure.  And as they cry: “I let you get away so cleanly / Without a trace, without a sound / My hope for you has fleeted me.” (That lyric doesn’t even make a semblance of sense…) you remember how you heard that the band Story of the Year would write their riffs and think of words to fit later. 

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