Check This: Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Hide

Artist: Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Song: Hide

Album: How To: Friend, Love, Freefall (out 4.6.18)

Genre: Alternative, Folk, R&B

I first became aware of the existence of this band while overhearing two Atlantic Records execs discussing how Rainbow Kitten Surprise were one of the only new rock band signees in recent years. Already that told me there must be something special about these guys aside from their meme-worthy name. Since releasing their first album Seven + Mary in 2013, the group has gone on sold-out US tours, played Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits, and racked up over 75 million streams. Their sound could best be described as the singer from Kings of Leon fronting Modest Mouse (two influences they cop to), with a little Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros thrown in.

With their major label debut due in April, they have pre-released the singles “Fever Pitch”, “Holy War”, and the excellent “Hide”. The lead singer’s unique vocal delivery and little eruptions of guitars two-step drumming give the song a quirky shuffle the breaks into a frantic and enrapturing burst of energy as the singer pleads that you have to “hide your love”. It’s a rousing bit of fun which would surely inspire dancing freak-outs at live shows.

The group is on tour now, hitting Los Angeles on May 10th and 11th at the Fonda Theater.

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