World Watch: Death by Unga Bunga

Country: Norway

One might thing that Death by Unga Bunga are an Italian band, riffing off of their former leader’s infamous sex parties. But, this power-fivesome hails from Scandinavia, and listening to their super catchy rock/power pop songs, you wouldn’t be able to tell they weren’t from the States, as their songs are in English, and sound like they could be the lost grandchildren of Cheap Trick.

Formed in 2010, the group has released 4 albums so far and toured the world (if you look on Spotify, their second biggest fan base appears to be in Mexico). Most recently, the band released new single “Cynical”, which will be on their fifth album, So Far, So Good, So Cool. Building off a slick 80’s guitar riff, with a fist-pumping beat that Twisted Sister wouldn’t shy away from, the song chugs along until it rolls into a smooth pop punk chorus of “Maybe I am cynical, I’m not the only one”.

If you enjoy music you can blast from your car while joyriding with friends (ala That 70’s Show), this is the band for you.

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