Banger of the Week: Dogwood – Suffer


This one is a stretch. It’s a one-off, a throw away. It’s a phone in, letting nostalgia be our guide. It’s riding in a champagne ’90 Honda Accord that was stolen and found three separate times, each time with a new scar- a vacant dash console, removed ignition, gouged carpet. It’s the CD that spun in the boombox on the front seat because the dash console was vacant.

In the late 90’s Christian rock record label Tooth and Nail was a god sent for anyone that wanted to listen to music with an edge with lyrics inspired by Sunday school. MxPx and Underoath are their most popular prior clients and embody that theme.

From this label, Dogwood released More Than Conquerors in 1999, Tooth & Nail’s heyday. The album stood out. It’s good hard rock/punk and the first song still gives me goose bumps nearly 20 years later– earning it banger status. “Suffer” is aggressive, forceful, and angry and there’s a hook that’ll get you nodding your head and mouthing the words. It has a proper minute intro- a hallmark of late 90s punk- that builds the intensity and doesn’t let up throughout. While only a couple of their bands reached mainstream success, Tooth & Nail had a couple albums like this Dogwood release with great songs deserving of a moment’s reflection.

The banger has gone deep on this one- so give it a shot and enjoy the fruits of my non-labor.

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