Check This: Charlie Fink – Anywhere


Some of you may recognize Charlie Fink‘s voice from his days as the lead singer for rock band Noah and the Whale (see their excellent single L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.). Since that group’s end, Fink has gone solo, and recently released two excellent singles, “My Heartbeat Lost Its Rhythm”, and “Anywhere”.

A perfectly produced pop rock track with a light synth touch, Fink throws out surprisingly risqué pick up lines (“Lay my body down on the back seat, And pull my tights down with your teeth”), which are possibly from the point of view of the female lover, but at it’s core is a heartfelt, open road love song (“We can ride till the break of day, Anywhere you’re going is on my way”).

It’s an upbeat singalong, and the other track is equally as strong…so I’ve included both of them below for your listening pleasure.

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