Check This: Ovlov – Stick


Artist: Ovlov

Song: Stick

Album: Tru (to be released)

Genre: fuzzy garage rock

Earnest fuzzy low-fi rock. Ovlov keep it straightforward on the fast ones like “Really Bees” and “The Well” but, in my opinion, their stride is in their stripped down shoe-gaze. However, all of their songs flow along like a smooth river over rocks  in and out of choruses, around bends and off into the forest. A solid song “Spright” meanders this way hearkening back to Pinback or Built to Spill garage rock.

They released their debut 10 years ago and enjoyed some success. After taking an extended break they are back with new purpose and a desire to rock again- albeit with a bit more experience and maturity from a decade of life experience.

This year they’ve released a few singles, the latest “Stick.” It is fun fuzzy rock song. Through the melody and the singer holding the long hard vowels at the end of each line (long ‘a’s, ‘e’s, ‘i’s), the song has a tumbly, gravitational feel. But, the chorus crashes through quickly in a flurry of guitar and drums, yet never loses the smooth melody. When it reaches the end, like a river falling into the ocean, the song blends and fades away.

I recently discovered Ovlov and will continue to follow their path with a new release and hopefully an upcoming tour. Lookout for their full-length Tru coming soon.

#Ovlov #checkthis #garagerock #lowfi #stick

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