Banger of the Week: Regional Justice Center- World of Inconvenience

regional justice center

Buckle up for a violent car crash. You’ll smash then roll and flip and fall off the side of the road rolling a few more times and come to a stop in a ravine confused in the rush of adrenaline and epinephrine masking the pain and realization of what just happened.

The cause: World of Inconvenience- a 12-minute album of “powerviolence”  hardcore . Ian Shelton is the force behind the band and his brother’s crime and incarceration are the inspiration for the album.

Convicted for assault, his brother, 18, has been sentenced to 72 months to be released in 2022. The album is a reflection on dealing with his brother’s imprisonment, a lament on the effects prison can have, and an indictment on the profit-driven motivations of the prison system (check out the link above for an interview with Ian on the album and some of the songs). These noble, tragic themes are ensconced in rhythmic hardcore full of tempo changes and always enshrouded in Shelton’s screamed lyrics.

Within this week’s banger is a lot of pain and purpose. Knowing the story and then hearing the recorded bits of calls with his brother on a couple tracks will get the goosebumps to rise.

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