Check This: Fucked Up – Raise Your Voice Joyce


How can I just jump into a competent analysis of Fucked Up, seminal punk band of the great land to the North. It won’t do justice for the life-long fans nor will it really reveal what or who they are to new listeners. They’ve won awards and put out 4 LPs with their 5th , Dose Your Dreams, coming out this year.

As such, a new single, “Raise Your Voice Joyce”, has been released. The singer has a thick, dirty punk voice that brings back such beautiful memories of Jawbreaker and Operation Ivy/Rancid. And then there are female back-ups and when you feel like— all right, I got it, the sax comes in at the end.

Despite the awesome arrangement, it’s a relentless little track. Perhaps it’s about complacency and letting you blend in and disappear. Perhaps it’s about rising back up and taking back what is yours or taking what you want. Whatever it is, it’s brutal punk that won’t let up. There are boots on the dance floor here.

In an interview with, guitarist Mike Haliechuk talked about legacy and how the band is mindful of that idea. He wants the band to remain respected for its part in punk. They have over a decade together with a massive following and a number of critical praise on their resume. Do yourself a favor and enjoy Fucked Up if you haven’t listened to them (as I) or if you have, hey.. they have a new single.

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