Badass Break Outs: Alexandra Hepburn


“You don’t sing the blues unless you know what pain is.” Alexandra (Alex) Hepburn said this and knows it all too well, having used her love of blues, soul, RnB and pop to overcome her own tragic past. Listening to her music, the most immediate audible touchstone is Amy Winehouse, but unlike so many other retro soul/pop artists who sprung up after Amy’s success, there’s a clear rawness in Hepburn and her songs that makes her the true heir to the Winehouse throne. Her raspy vocals are imbued with emotion and ferocity, in the way only a true soul artist can convey.

Born in the UK, Hepburn’s first success came in mainland Europe, developing big followings in France and Germany, as well as garnering over half a million followers on MySpace. Having further grown and developed her sound and style, she is preparing to conquer her home country and the states this year. Her new EP, If You Stay,┬áreleased earlier this month, is packed with turmoil and attitude, and a full-length is due this Fall.

Give it a listen, and you’ll, despite her clear influences, see she’s making music that’s all her own.

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