Check This: Charlie Lane – The Darkest Time

charlie lane

Artist: Charlie Lane

Song: The Darkest Time

Genre: Indie Pop

Out of Melbourne, Australia, singer songwriter, Charlie Lane has recently released a new single “The Darkest Time.” A sunny pop tune with melancholy in the lyrics and tone, the song laments the most hated day- Monday (“God I hate Mondays” is the repeated refrain). The first day of the week inspires memories of loss and sadness and launch Charlie into the week which, in turn, will be characterized by that sadness. This self-aware songwriting has characterized her career to date. Whereas her first EP Mood Swings and Antidepressants (2017) leaned towards rock, ska and punk, this quieter single highlights her soothing voice that can put a salve on the sadness inherent in the songs ideas and words.

Never willing to shy away from personal confessional in her songs, the ideas in this new single are likely ripped right from her personal experience and the honesty of her music lends it a universality. The sound of this single reminds me of Rilo Kiley’s Take-Offs and Landings (2001) – the band (and album) that (helped) launch Jenny Lewis’s career. So, like the trajectory that that female lead had with her raw lyrics of life experience, hopefully, Charlie Lane can go in the same direction.

Be sure to give her EP a listen if you’re hankering for some gritty and witty rock.

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