Check This: The Rad Trads – Good Luck Unto Ya


Artist: The Rad Trads

Song: Good Luck Unto Ya

Album: On Tap

Genre: Rock, Alternative

Label: Hornblow Recordings

New York’s The Rad Trads mesh the influences of a number of classic rock luminaries through a horn-driven, soulful burst of lush pub rock. Featuring five lead vocalists in the group, they have gained a reputation for dynamic live shows, and have lent their musical skills to a number of other well-known recording artists when they aren’t playing themselves.

I first caught wind of them when hearing the lead single from their upcoming album, On Tap, “Good Luck Unto Ya”. The song is a joyous yet bittersweet farewell to a toxic person, and sounds like Van Morrison fronting the E Street Band on a chill Sunday afternoon.

“Hallelujah, good luck unto ya, who knew it could feel so good to say goodbye?” this song’s vocalist sings with a sweet, breezy drawl that will have you wanting to do anything but say goodbye to this group’s music.

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