Banger of the Week: Tiger Army – F.T.W.

tiger army

What do you do when every goddamn song except one (I’m looking at you “In the Orchard”) is a goddamn banger?

Well, going by superlatives is a good tactic.  Which one is the most mostest? Well we have the happiest tune, “Cupid’s Victim,” talking about “just like an arrow through my heart / a feeling so strong / this scarlet fever burns my soul / from this moment on.”  But we know that joy in the banger is an outsider.  What about the most unique like “Incorporeal” with its ghostly back-ups echoing against the fast and furious tempo and a bit more production than the rest of the album with a neat-o slow down before the mosh pit part at the end?  No, that won’t do, too polished. The screamiest, then, “When Night Comes Down,” is often a contender especially with that stand-up bass thumping low notes into the scream backed chorus.  But, no.  On this album one song inches above the rest with pure anger- yes- we go angry, and not just at a single entity, nay, at the whole fucking world.

I have never seen Tiger Army live and I regret having let the tours for albums I, II, and III slip by (’99-2004).  The band was at its hardest then showing signs of slowing down to more musical complexity and rockabilly but still firmly in that psychobilly frame of mind with a heavy, heavy punk influence.

Out of this pure blend of beautiful genres “F.T.W.” emerged. End of verse 1: “Every night I sit and wonder why / Everyday I want to fucking die / yea, fuck the world.” Beginning of verse 2: “Everyday this shit it brings me down / Every night I want to go out and kill.”  Behind those lyrics is a frenetic tempo that drops into a solo and a bridge where over “Come on let’s go” the band launches into an even faster final 30 seconds that I can only imagine leads to exhausted pit people absorbing that last bit of energy from the band to crush one another until the song ends.

Boy oh boy.  Enjoy “F.T.W.” and then give the whole album II: Power of Moonlight a listen.

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