Check This: Owen Duff – Nobody Loves a Tortured Soul (remix)


Using the Sesame Street theme song as a through theme, this sunny pop ballad full of cynical lyrics floats along in a Ben Folds style. The song is about finding companionship in others feeling the same sort of sadness so that there’s some familiarity and empathy in the misery. But with “ba, ba, baaa” back ups and that infectious kids theme coming back at the end (“looking for that sunny day and I’m blowing the clouds away”), the song is sunshine covering a cloudy mind.

There’s some theatrics to it as well. The song might fit well in a musical or accompanying an indie film- as a number of his other songs have. This one is a remix (though pretty similar to the original) of a 2015 single. According to his profile, Duff is doing everything on his impressively arranged songs from playing all of the instruments to producing and mixing to doing the art to releasing the music. He embraces the DIY ethos and in so doing writes his own music that calls to mind an eclectic taste in musicals, 60s chamber pop, and balladry.

This single is on an EP of remixes called The Likes of She (EP1). Another highlight with a unique intriguing melody is “Witches.”   Like “Nobody Loves a Tortured Soul” it would be at home in some theatrical feature. Be prepared to suspend disbelief and let yourself be swept up in some grand conceit.

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