Comeback Alert: Vendetta Red


Back in 2003, Seattle, WA’s Vendetta Red had a whole heap of buzz around them. Mixing grunge inspiration and classic emo-punk soundscapes (ala Rites of Spring, Fugazi, etc), the group released their third album (and first on a major label), Between the Never and the Now.

Lead single “Shatterday” got picked up on modern rock stations, and the group seemed poised to capitalize on the fandom of groups like At The Drive-In by retaining their artistic edge while still incorporating hooky melodies.

Their next album, 2005’s Sisters of the Red Death, contained excellent tracks like “Silhouette Serenade”, yet the fire seemed to go out around the band. After some line-up changes, the group called it a day in 2006.

But, nothing great every truly dies, and the band regrouped in 2010 for a one-off show, which lead to a full reunion. And now, 13 years following their last full-length, the group has released their fifth LP, Quinceañera.

The album has the same loud choruses and crunchy power-chord driven melodies as their previous work, and adds in some eclectic touches (like the delicate orchestration on “West of Birmingham”). It’s a strong, fresh return for the group, showing their songwriting skills have not rusted or wilted during their downtime.

Check out highlights from the new album, “Wild and Dangerous” and “West of Birmingham” below, as well as “Shatterday” and “Silhouette Serenade” to dig in to the group’s history.

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