World Watch: tide/edit

UU4A9422 (Karen de la Fuente)

Country: Philippines

Some of the most interesting instrumental music being made today is coming from overseas. Whether it’s Thailand’s Khun Narin Electric Phin Band (a previous World Watch focus), or recent Check This featured artist J.E.F.F. II, originally from France, artists from around the world are continuing to prove that music remains one of the true universal languages.

Since 2011, tide/edit have been creating an upbeat blend of math-rock, indie and post-rock in the Philippines, and have been gaining international renown as they’ve toured throughout Asia and the UK.

Tide/Edit‘s songs wrap intricate guitar lines around each other, creating multilayered, fascinating compositions that are steadied by subtle but integral drumming. On their latest album, All My Friends, the tracks move seamlessly together, while still managing to find their own flavors. “Mr Crame” rides a bouncy rhythm perfect for head-bobbing; single “Twelve” exudes a thoughtfulness and surprising warmth, which builds into an exuberant catharsis; “Afterglow” washes over you smoothly with an underlying melancholy, before machine gun bursts of chords rouse you from the peaceful transience, only to bring you back to the calming melodies again.

The group’s music can excavate emotions without a word, while stimulating thought. Find your own inspiration from it below.

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