Check This: meshy meshy – need some lovin’

meshy meshy
The only image I could find, the one used on the EP cover.

Monday needs a little bit of drum machine—tip, tip, tip, tap—and layers of soothing synth in piano, and organ tones.  It needs a repeated refrain of requesting a bit of love and companionship.  It needs optimism and a lack of cynicism.  It needs to start the week off on a good foot.  That’s where meshy meshy’s single “need some lovin’” comes in.

What could just as well be an interlude on a full length, shines as a catchy single alone.  The bass of the singer’s voice and the lo-fi quality of the recording come together as an homage to simple times.  The song is on the Danish singers 5-song EP Desire.  And, if you like the single I’ve mentioned here, check out the other songs as well.  They have an 80s vibe to them with an underlying innocence that makes me want to keep sharing this discovery.

After searching twitter, Spotify, and the whole freaking internet, I can’t find anymore information on this guy so I hope he stumbles upon discussion of his song.  And give him a follow on Spotify to let him know you appreciate what he’s doing.

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