Banger of the Week: No Use for A Name – The Answer is Still No


“What’s your name?” “Fuck you! that’s my name”- a line from Glengarry Glen Ross begins the jam that you will rock out today.

Where Bad Religion is political and NOFX is subversive, No Use for A Name has always veered towards the interpersonal. Many of their songs are advice laden (“Not Your Savior”) or cautionary tales (“Justified Black Eye”). The through theme of personal conversation flourishes in the conversational style of Tony Sly’s songwriting. Additionally, his vocals bleed empathy and understanding infusing their classic early 2000s punk rhythms with pathos.

For this week’s Banger, we’re going to 1997 and their 3rd full length Making Friends. The lead track off of that album, “The Answer is Still No” speaks to the cathartic, intimate nature of their punk style. It’s a song about feeling ostracized and struggling with truth and honesty in relationships.

From start to finish, it’s 2:30 seconds of punk speed and punk feeling. It kicks off what I think is their second best record (this track followed by the exceptional “Invincible”) after their legendary debut, Leche Con Carne, and followed closely by their first foray into poppier punk from More Betterness.

Because I can’t see these guys getting back on the Banger list any time soon, I’ll include a few of their best tracks. Enjoy some punk.

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