A playlist: Jerrod’s Folkcana


For the past couple years, ever since I subscribed to Spotify, I’ve been adding to this playlist.  It is a collection of Americana and Folk that is soothing and sensitive, low key and lovely.  It could accompany a quiet night in, a smooth drive in the countryside, a commute on foot through the city or a time of conversation and camaraderie.  

It being Thanksgiving, I thought I’d show my appreciation to all of you that have supported our blog over the past year by sharing this playlist with you.  Please follow it if you’d like as it’s stellar now and only gets better as I add things here and there. 

I’ve got some food to eat and some family to spend time with now so I won’t go into specifics here about the songs but there is a lot of goodness here for you to sate your aural appetite as our American readers will sate their gastro appetites.  

Thanks for reading, following and appreciating what we do.  It feels good to know that there are a few people out there that get informed and enjoy what we produce on the Indy Review.  

All the best.

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