Check This: Dead Swords – Ender


It’s almost here, the end of the year is so close. As the apparition of Death adorns Dead Swords single cover for “Ender,” he stalks the door step of 2018.  And here is the place where I say “Good riddance” and whinge about how terrible of a year it was.  But nay, I shall not.  Defiantly I stand and think it wasn’t so bad or as bad as it could always be.

Nonetheless, Dead Swords, shoegaze rockers with a credible pedigree (The Gaslight Anthem, Let Me Run, and Bottomfeeder), will release their debut full length March 8th.  This is the lead off of the album.  It’s a wall of guitars on a slow riff with big drums and echoing vocals filling the space.  It’s a heavy guitar solo and slowed down breakdowns.  It’s a 10-minute burn that pays homage to hair rock anthems of the 80s and makes a statement for a record to come.

This band is exploring death and breath at the same time.  Songs are allowed to live and echo and fill while lyrics delve into ends and completion.  Enjoy the thick atmosphere their sound grinds out of your speakers.

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