Check This: The Muckers – It’s Better Without You


Artist: The Muckers

Song: “It’s Better Without You”

Label: Modern Sky USA

Genre: Rock

Rolling Stone magazine recently did a great profile on The Muckers‘ lead singer, Emir Mohsseni, an Iranian refugee who made it his goal to come to the United States so he could follow his dreams of playing rock and roll. Of course, our President’s travel ban did not make it easy, but taking advantage of the brief moment when a judge had blocked it, Emir got a visa to come into the country, and he has been rocking since.

The first fruits of his band’s labors is the epic, psychedelic single “It’s Better Without You”. Clocking in at 9 minutes, the song is a guitar-driven rave-up that sounds like a time capsule from the 70’s that was only recently rediscovered. It’s truly the sound of a dream coming true.

The other two tracks accompanying the single are equally strong rockers, and are all worth your time checking out.

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