Banger of the Week: Machine Head – Bastards

machine head cover

We honor Machine Head today with Banger status for their song “Bastards” off of their solid 2018 album Catharsis. Since 1991 they’ve been creating crushing heavy metal. Today we pick a song of the times with a slightly different tone but very banger worthier.

If the banger is one thing it’s progressive- socially and politically. This song, so sweet beautiful and epic crosses all the standard banger boxes- hard, fast, furious, and rhythmic. But this one has got a socio-political message that we can get behind.

It opens with a message from the singer to his sons about the loss of progressivism and the beginning of regression. But through a hopeful chorus of “Stand your ground/ don’t let the bastards grind you down / Be bold, be strange” the song lifts up the downtrodden and outcasts offering hope for the future and a sense of inclusion.

The creative musicianship makes the song accessible to newbies and satisfying to old fans. It shows a concern for others belying the kill’em all Heavy Metal ethos. Great song.

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