Check This: Steve Gunn – Vagabond


Artist: Steve Gunn

Song: “Vagabond”

Album: The Unseen In Between (Out January 18th, 2019)

Label: Matador Records

Genre: Rock, Folk

Intricate, jazz and blues-inflected guitar playing elevates the lightly psychedelic folk rock of Steve Gunn above his peers. The New York-based musician has been writing and producing music for fifteen years, earning wide acclaim from critics and fellow musicians, including Tony Garnier, who has been Bob Dylan‘s bassist for 30 years, and contributed his talents to the record.

The combination of his ethereal guitar playing, ephemeral lyrics and chill vocal delivery gives tracks like single “Vagabond” a haunting quality. There’s a warmth to the jangling acoustic guitars, and airs of melancholy in the vocal harmonies, but the track never settles for a clear emotional point of view. Instead, like a complex novel or independent film, the track lets you develop your own feelings from his tales of wayward artists and drifters, struggling in tumultuous times.

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