Check This: Press Club – Late Teens

press club

Released late last year while we were all a couple cups of Eggnog deep, we missed a good garage punk record from Australian band Press Club. The record is good and has carried some mojo for the past few months and they’re getting some more press now for it getting a EU/UK release on Hassle Records.

press club album

This is the kind of band that you’d see open up for someone a bit more established and then these young punks would take the night from that headliner. There’s a lot of risk taking in their song writing with the singer coming off as raw and unabashed with the music taking equal risks. It’s a bit of a sped up Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I dig the reverb laden vocals and heavy feedback on their guitars which make it have that dirty garage sound.

While they are making an impression internationally, their sound is still written for the intimate punk club. It’s tough, pissed, and open. Check out their two lead songs from the new album “Crash” and “Headwreck”- you won’t be disappointed.

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