World Watch: Bonfire Lakes – Ghosts and Two Sisters

bonfire lakes

Get your cup of coffee ready and the thousand-yard stare as you gaze out over fields, forests or oceans. Calm your anxious heart and take a deep breath of reflection. Hold onto the strands of memory that dangle within your chest cavity and feel that familiar smart as you grab or play with what was before. Try to hold this space for a few moments if not an hour. To accompany your journey into the calmer reaches of your mind I have found a self-described “americana/boyband” out of Genk, Belgium called Bonfire Lakes.

Bright Eyes, Wilco, and My Morning Jacket are a few of their influences and in the careful slow, production and intimate arrangements you can hear the attempt at heavily emotional art. But what could be simply depressing rises on that warm updraft of melancholy reminding me of one of my favorite Conor Oberst lines “the sounds of loneliness make me happier.”

Let me draw your attention to two wonderful singles from their full-length Leaves (2018). “Two Sisters” and “Ghosts” capture a whispery harrowing sadness utilizing the passionate vocals of lead singer Marino Roosen and Bert Vilegen with female vocals provided by Sarah Pepels. The interplay between female and male vocal parts on “Ghosts” add to the narrative of memory acting as legacy and the leaving of some metaphysical existence after departure. “Two Sisters” on the other hand is about siblings following in each others footsteps in abandonment perhaps suggesting a family predilection for departure.

The music, the melodies, the lyrics, the vocals combine to leave you searching your heart for the ache and the happiness of what has come and gone. Bonfire Lakes was a nice surprise to stumble upon and I look forward to getting more into their full-length Leaves.

Plus, check out their new single “Keg” coming out this Friday from Mayway records.

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