Banger of the Week: Johnny Booth – Fever Dreams

johnny booth

A quiet industrial opening leads into a ferocious hardcore. The varied rhythm and beats that criss cross the song make it aptly named- it’s a frenetic, hazy, acute psychosis. At only 3:03, it has so many places to go in so little time. This crush of noise introduced me to Johnny Booth.

Out of Long Island, together for a decade, the band released Connections in 2012. It’s solid Hardcore. Then, an EP, The Bronze Age came out in 2014. After that, all was quiet- tours, a hiatus, plotting- I don’t know. And then, in early January they dropped our Banger honoree “Fever Dreams”.

The vocals are really consistent and their tempo changes take some great risks and show-off great metal chops. If more traditional hardcore is your deal, you’ll prefer the first album. This new single is toying with an electronic underbelly that might inform an evolution of the band.

This single sets a blistering pace that can’t be kept up. They killed a great song for their first release in a while, so, who knows, maybe this is the standard.  We’ll see soon as there’s a new single in a few days and an upcoming album. Stay tuned.


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