Check This: SWMRS – Trashbag Baby


Artist: SWMRS

Song: “Trashbag Baby”

Album: Berkeley’s On Fire (Available 2/15/19)

Label: Fueled By Ramen

Genre: Rock, Alternative

Fueled by Ramen have one of the best track records in breaking rock bands this decade, so it’s not surprising they’ve hit gold (or might) with Oakland-formed band SWMRS. The group released their first singles back in 2015, and have been gearing up for their second LP, Berkeley’s on Fire, to drop in a couple weeks by releasing the electroclash title track, the punkish “April in Houston”, and the best so far, “Trashbag Baby”.

Glossy, new wave guitars make way for an exuberant bubble gum chorus. A kiss-off to an indecisive lover (“I can’t wait, I can’t wait till your not around”), “Trashbag Baby” has enough snarl and spit to retain its attitude but the hook is so irresistible that it’s not crazy to believe radio will get hooked in soon enough.

Listen below, or follow our Check This 2019 playlist on Spotify.

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