Check This: Dog Trainer – The End

dog trainer

When you finish a 900 pg. fantasy trilogy finale and you’re misted up with happiness and a sweet sorrow and you hear a slow reflective song crooning about the past, you might have found some decent new music. Then you see it’s called “The End” and the band called Dog Trainer (wolves and the bond between animal and man having been a themein the book); then, you know, here’s something fate wants me to talk about.

The young NYC band Dog Trainer are gearing up for March 1 when they releasetheir first full length Puppyhood. “The End” is off a 2 song single (the other track, “Kids” is a bit of dream pop) from that album, and in 2017, they released their first EP. As such, at seemingly the beginning of their career, it’s cool to hear such strong songwriting. Everything has a pop sensibility to it but since they are so young, it retains an edge although every song is a bit of a new experiment.

“The End” allows a chunky smooth (like peanut-butter) guitar strum and piano carry you through a song that builds to a soft rock crescendo. The singer’s voice sliding gently into a low falsetto reminds me of early Rooney and on this song the whole vibe has this strange grunge sound with 60s pop identity.

Seemingly out of nowhere Dog Trainer dropped some solid new indie in my life.  Enjoy the song and the band as well (and if you like classic internet webpages check out their site!).

Check This playlist 2k19!! “Follow Me, I’m the Best!”

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