Check This: Hot Dad – Elon Musk (Cars in Space)

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 5.57.39 PM

Check This 2019 Playlist

Artist: Hot Dad

Song: “Elon Musk (Cars in Space)”

Genre: Indie, Humor, Alternative

Joke or “novelty” songs generally have a short lifespan. The humor is either very time-specific, or the music backing the song isn’t catchy enough to make anyone want to listen to it once the joke’s humor has worn off.

While it’s unclear whether people twenty years from now will care about Elon Musk, or remember how he shot a car into space, Hot Dad‘s ode to the eccentric entrepreneur’s space oddity is such a synth-pop delight, the relevancy of the subject will probably be an after-thought for anyone listening.

There is something almost-deep as Hot Dad dreams about Musk laying the groundwork for future outer space road trips, but what will keep you listening is the cheerful melody that could possibly inspire future space dance parties.

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