Bad Ass Break-Outs: Burnt Tapes


A Self-described “regret punk” band, London’s Burnt Tapes would slide right into a line-up with The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, Lagwagon, or Sparta. Their poppy melodies are tinged with just enough grit. the vocals have that endearing nasality and the lyrics carry a pitch-perfect pain. Despite a catalog going back to 2014, they’re releasing a debut record, Never Better, this Tuesday (2/22).

Burntapes album

From that album “Yuzi” has a great melody, solid vocal arrangement and a great video to go with (see below). It’s an earnest tongue in cheek lament about loss. The music bounces along through the fast catchy chorus into the slow pretty part and back. “Don’t Make Me Play Bocelli” is simply a well-written rock song. Nothing amazing, nothing off- simply “filthy habits on repeat.”

These guys must have studied the emo bible because there’s a really clean sense of style to the music. The last half-decade hasn’t been wasted as these songs reveal a character study of an earlier proto-punk genre. Given the promotional gusto it deserves, this album could turn some heads. Hopefully, Burnt Tapes can help a new generation enjoy that gritty punk club soaked in sweat and sweet lyrics at deafening volumes.

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