Check This: Radical Face – Hard of Hearing

Radical Face

After his series The Family Tree Radical Face’s Ben Cooper started going to therapy. If you’ve listened to those albums, you know how intimate they are. It stands to reason, if those songs have any relationship to his own upbringing, then Cooper likely spent far too much time meditating on open wounds.

From the upcoming EP Therapy (April 26th), Radical Face has released “Hard of Hearing.” The song is about the in between of the peaks and valleys of emotion and learning that you have the ability to process those pleasures and pains in a healthier manner.

Musically, it is more Phil Collins than old Iron & Wine. It’s kind of like modern Iron & Wine. The song utilizes a pop-friendly sound with clear shiny synthesizer and electronic percussion. It’s still quiet and sweet in its way but it has a broader appeal than the Americana drama of The Family Tree.

Check out the video below. Follow our stellar Check This 2019 playlist and look our for our review of the EP when if gets released.




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