Check This: Liily – Toro


Check This 2019 Playlist

Artist: Liily

Song: “Toro”

Album: I Can Fool Anybody In this Town EP

Label: Flush Records

Genre: Rock, Punk

The DIY scene is what keeps rock and roll vibrant, edgy and organized, and Los Angeles rockers Liily have put in the hard work to become underground stars, organizing house party shows and warehouse concerts to grow their fan base one ear at a time. New fans have started to pick up across the pond in the UK, and at the speed they are rising to the surface, they won’t stay unknown or underground for long.

I first heard the single “Toro” on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, only to soon receive emails to check out their EP, and see they were in rotation on Kat Corbett’s Locals Only show on KROQ. Needless to say, the song (and the band in general) are the kind of rock we need right now. Lead by a spitfire drum beat, the song brims and boils with a dark, almost sinister attitude that recalls Greg Dulli at his most sinewy. When the furious chorus rages in, the desire to thrash and get pummeled in a mosh pit will call to you like a siren’s song.

Check out the video for the song above and on our Check This 2019 Playlist, and the full EP below!

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