World Watch: The Rumpled – Grace O’Malley

the rumpled

St. Patrick’s day has passed and with it the day that Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, and the Pogues rise to the top of every playlist and play loud across the land.

The Rumpled

With “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” and “Drunkin’ Lullabies” still lingering in my mind, like a gypsy troupe traveling along, The Rumpled appeared.  Another Irish punk band this is not.  From Trento, Italy they hail.  Far to the south of the fertile hillsides and ale-stained pubs that birthed their style, they match the musicality and intensity of the best Irish punk.

Ever featuring their fiddle and accordion, the vocals are bit guttural and the accent belies an Irishman.  But their Facebook page is all Italian.  The embrace of the sound is charming and their growing fanbase in Europe attests to their talent.

The Rumpled have an upbeat sound, happier than their punk contemporaries seeking to unite beyond a hard core audience. Their fiddle and accordion are invitations to fans of folk music to speed up their classic tastes a bit and reach these aggressive punk speeds.

Grace O’Malley, their single, is about camaraderie. It’s about having a few pints with your friends and figuring out how to keep on fighting. It’s about passion for who you are and who you will be. You can overcome it tells you.

The band is known for their cover songs in Italy and has recently finished up a tour of Europe. Irish punk is some of the coolest sounding music and deserves an look beyond St. Patty’s. Get down on this.

They’ve a new EP getting released in May.  So get on the bandwagon now.

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