Bad Ass Break-Outs: Wargirl


One of the biggest positives of our current musical climate is the demise of “genres”. Artists like Billie Eilish and Post Malone, whether you like them or not, have found multiplatinum success while creating music that doesn’t quite fit any mold. As our culture has become more diverse, so too have the tastes of the artists helping to create it.

Songwriter/producer Matt Wignall (Cold War Kids) felt this diversity in his hometown of Long Beach, and wanted to create a group that reflected all the influences and sounds of his city. Enter Wargirl.

Fronted by Samantha Park, the band spits on traditional indie rock tropes. Through their crack rhythm section and keyboardist, the group ropes in funk, afrobeat, psychedelia and Latin beats into their sound, creating music that is timeless, refreshing and effortlessly cool.

Their latest single “Mess Around” (from their upcoming LP, due April 19th) sounds like a lost 70’s soul funk classic. Other tracks from their debut EPĀ Arbolita have elements of doo-wop (“Uptown Girls (Song for Domino)”) and tribal funk (“Arbolita”). The skies are the limit for Wargirl, and they are definitely one to watch out for this year.


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