Album Review: The Sh-Booms – The Blurred Odyssey

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 5.33.35 PM

For those who like their hard rock doused with soul and a sprinkling of funk, Orlando, FL’s The Sh-Booms are the band you’ve been looking for. Their latest albumĀ The Blurred Odyssey is a rollicking collection of horn-laced rock swagger, with singer Brenda Radney’s voice belting over the dirty garage rock tunes.

The songs here are not made for radio. They aren’t relying on insta-hooks or big pop choruses. They are made for the dance floor and live shows. Tracks like “Detox to Retox” simmer while Radney sings with a sultry allure, until the shout-along chorus begs you to jump and pump your fist to “I need to detox just to retox!”

Some tracks veer more towards the soul-side of The Sh-Booms, with “Leon the Hustler” relying on a classic Motown shuffle with its empowering tale of a man hustling to survive, while single “Audible” rides a slow groove, with the horns swaying you into a calm ease that builds to a climatic final note. “Dry Eyes” is another R&B swinger made to get people moving on the dance floor.

And then there are tracks like “King & Queen”, a hard rock barnburner. If The Sh-Booms had to play a fest with Papa Roach or Slipknot, it’s tracks like this that would make sure no one at the fest fucked with them. The male vocal parts on the track bring it down some, as Radney simply bulldozes it – showing she needs no assistance.

If you’re looking for music to rev you up for the day or to soundtrack a party, this is the album for you. Listen below.

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