Comeback Alert: The Rembrandts – How Far Would You Go


Remember back in the 90’s, when a TV show’s theme song could become an actual hit song? It’s what blessed us with Paula Cole‘s “I Don’t Want to Wait” (Dawson’s Creek), or The BoDeans‘ “Closer to Free” (Party of Five). But no song was more pervasive nor more representative of the era than The Rembrandts‘ “I’ll Be There For You”, which graced the opening of Friends. It was a catchy, big-hearted power pop gem which shot up the charts and forever cemented them in One-Hit Wonder History.

Of course, the band has other songs and albums, and continued to tour for a loyal following, but in general they fell away from the pop culture spotlight with the series. Well, after 18 years, the group has recorded a new album, and recently released their first single from it, “How Far Would You Go”, an unabashedly romantic, pop rock ear worm that will hit the spot for anyone who loved their 90’s hit. Lines like “How far would you go to see her smile? Would you drive for a million miles?” may sound like cheesy easy rhymes, but there’s such a warm and real sincerity in their delivery that matches the jangling guitars and toe-tapping beat, it should slice through the snobbishness of any cynic.

Enjoy it below:

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