Album Review: Days N Daze: Songs We Recorded for Splits


Days N Daze sound like the folk house band of some gremlin dive bar in a fairytale forest. They come out with their acoustic instruments and prepare to rock the socks off an ornery pub.  But into their set of fierce acoustic punk they break into pop-radio friendly breakdowns.

A DIY Houston based folk punk band, they’ve been making music and touring since 2008. With raw talent pressing against the edges of generic confines, grimy vocals and blistering speed will hold many away, but when they drop the beat and play pop hooks the majority might find appeal in the catchy mainstream melodies.

Just last week they released Songs We Recorded For Splits, 17 previously released songs that tread their favorite themes of love, politics, and frustration. The songs themselves are a collection of music from various splits the band has done over the years.  So it captures a nice cross section of their sound.

The recording comes grainy, heavy with ambient sound and minimal mixing giving it an intimate live show quality that adds an immediacy to the songs making them more affecting.

Album highlights are the vivid “Self Destructive Anthem,” an indictment of our societal failures- “Fall Out.”

Also, check out a couple treasures from their last, critically acclaimed full length, Rogue Taxidermy: “Muddy Knees”, “Misanthropic Drunken Loner”

Folk punk is an underrated genre. It’s unpopularity demands it’s disciples to have a fierce devotion to the craft. Days N Daze embody the necessary passion, but they also allude to an appreciation for easier listening pop and a talent to walk the lines between the disparate arenas. One relentlessly energetic song after another with a washboard being well worn, they can fill a hole in your music quiver you didn’t know you had.




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