Check This: Lenny Bull – Don’t Talk About It


Artist: Lenny Bull

Song: “Don’t Talk About It”

Album: Sharp Teeth (dropping April 25th)

Genre: Punk, Retro Rock

Label: Cock & Bull Records

With her debut EP release weeks away, let’s introduce you to Lenny Bull. She’s hails from Toronto, and writes retro rock n’ roll songs inspired by 70’s and 80’s punk. She’s not afraid to infuse her writing with wit and humor, as well as a healthy dose of attitude. In anticipation of her EP “Sharp Teeth”, she recently released her first single ” Don’t Talk About It”.

In her own words, the track is a “tongue-in-cheek message to anyone out there who’s spreading rumours or talking trash. It’s a reminder to not be bothered by what people say or think.” Much like Lenny’s influences, the track has the simplicity and groove of early punk, built on lightly distorted guitar riffs, drums and a smidge of cowbell. Lenny is a charismatic singer, sounding like a young Chrissie Hynde, with a playfulness to her delivery. There’s just an effortless cool to the song; listening to it evokes a nostalgia for the dirty floors of CBGBs, or a night at the Roxy in the 70’s.

Check out the video below, or listen to the track in our Check This 2019 Playlist.

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