Check This: Craig Finn – Something to Hope For


Stepping off the soap box and taking the anecdotes down a notch, Craig Finn of The Hold Steady as well as several stellar solo records becomes his most accessible with this smooth indie pop song “Something to Hope For”.

His warm voice with it’s appealing subtle, world-weary cracking contrasts with the smooth polish of the rich, joyous melody that mixes pop guitar, peppy drums, happy horns, and an organ. It’s a song about optimism and the tune captures the theme.

craig finn

If you’ve been a fan of his previous work but you are looking for something a little less macabre than his normally highly detailed tales that explore the dark side of Midwest mentality then this song is where you should go.

Enjoy it. It’s easy listening and it’s a joy. And if you want to go hear rock tinged in some sadness and night, check out the other single from this year “Blankets”.

These songs are leading up to the upcoming album I Need a New War coming out April 26th on Partisan Records.

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