Check This: Clowns – Bland is the New Black

clowns album

Clowns are an Australian quintet that started up in 2013 and have emerged as a high-energy melodic punk band with diverse elements of power pop, garage rock, and hardcore. This 1:47 quick one is over as fast as it begins and you’re left thinking damn– give me another verse or at least a chorus. Where’s the rest?

clowns band2

“Bland is the New Black” leads off their new album Nature/Nurture their fourth full length. Earlier this year they released another single, “I Wanna Feel Again” which couldn’t have a more different feel with its slow self-examining intro, but a minute in the reckless rock begins.

A new discovery, I plan to dip my toes into their discography. For instance, I checked out a couple songs off of Bad Blood (2015) and my god, that explains why they blew up quickly. Fast and furious it shows the desire to just rock the pants off of anyone in front of their amps. Today, the instruments are just as loud but the melodies are a bit tighter and the vocals pipe over with more clarity still decrying angst and rebellion. If you are looking for some melodic hardcore to add to your bandolier of punk then Clowns might be for you.

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