World Watch: Sample Answer


Country: Ireland

The ability to transform serious subject matter into pleasing pop music is no easy feat, but it is one that South African-Irish singer-songwriter Sample Answer excels in. In his own words, Sample Answer says “The song is a way for me to talk to my friends and anyone out there struggling with addiction,” and relates to his own addiction issues.

If you were to simply listen to the music and its vibe, you would be hard-pressed to believe there’s such dark subject matter behind this laid back song. Acoustic strumming and handclap beat carries us along until it blooms into a grooving chorus. Elements of R&B and Spanish guitar playing blend seamlessly into the indie pop rock style of the song.

Sample Answer has received worldwide acclaim for his music, garnering nearly 6 million streams, while receiving radio play from renowned DJs like Annie Mac and Zane Low. As he starts to build a stateside following, get on the bandwagon now so you’re ahead of the curve.


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