Check This: Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties – Just Sign the Papers

aaron west

Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties play stirring rock tinged in uplifting emo that rides warm currents of big hooks. It is feel good rock that embraces an optimistic themes our cynical world too often leaves behind.

Even our featured song here off of the EP of the same name, “Just Sign the Papers” paints a picture of the moment divorce documents are signed off mixing the moment (“Honey, baby please / shit, I’m sorry / I didn’t mean to call you honey”) with reflections on the good times (“I followed you all night”) now lost (“torn down brick by brick / and distributed evenly”).

This is a concept band out of Philadelphia and the brain child of Dan Campbell (best known for his band The Wonder Years). The band may feature him acoustically or with as many as ten members with horns, banjo, strings and more. The music follows the fictional life of Aaron West as he suffers success and loss (if reminds me a bit of Rabbit from Updike‘s incredible novels). The conceit gives the Campbell and the band the freedom to explore the intimate without having had to experience it as they do on “Just Sign the Papers” with the lament of divorce.

The lyrics are the peak of brokenness and end but the music swells with some sweet optimism. The band finds inspiration from Rilo Kiley and the Weakerthans and you can hear that in the intimate detail of their lyrics and in the juxtaposition of happy tunes.

They’ve released a few singles of late which may suggest a full length on the horizon. Let’s hope so.


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